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  • Friar Bernard Bakonja

    His Schooling and Tonsure by

    In a village in the Dalmatian hinterland, a once-in-a-generation event is about to take place. The time has come for the Jerković clan, whose holy lineage goes back twenty-four generations, to assemble and select a new student among its youth and ...

  • Rules For Living On Earth


    Jonathan Brown, the father of twin sons is married to a lovely woman. He is also a successful bank executive, a nature enthusiast and an unfaithful husband. Jonathan Brown is also a die-hard atheist. One evening at the age of forty-two, he ...

  • Untangling Tangleville

    Stepping Out! Just as Any Town Can by

    In our modern age, Christianity and secularism have increasingly become estranged. As Christian denominations individually attempt to promote the survival of moral and ethical standards of the past, it seems David is facing the giant Goliath . . . ...

  • The Aykotah Daughter


    When the authorities concur for the king’s daughter to meet her future husband and ruler, Miroreka Fakusha rebels. Believing she can lead the Aykotah tribe better than an outsider, Fakusha entertains the plot of sabotaging her engagement. She’d much ...

  • Sous L'abri Au Toit De Chaume


    THEA, UNE JEUNE FEMME AMÉRICAINE A UNE PASSION- Un désir inhérent de devenir missionnaire en Afrique de l’Ouest. Son désir l’emmène à Burkina Faso, en Afrique de l’Ouest, où sa mission chrétienne d’établir une église devient une réalité. Mais son ...

  • Neverborn


    Did you ever have a period of time in your life when the whole world crashed in on you? Rachael, the principal character in this book had such a time; an entire year of tragic events piled one upon the other. She finds strength and reassurance from ...

  • Goliath: the Giant of Palestine

    Six cubits and a span. by

    Uglier than Hugo’s Hunchback; more terrifying then Shelly’s Frankenstein and yet more affable then Steinbeck’s Lenny Small is Goliath: the Giant of Palestine. Not the renowned Old Testament villain but a child unwittingly manipulated into the rogue ...

  • Tangleville

    Just About Any Town, Anywhere by

    Talk show host Harry Sting is well known to his listening audience for his disdain of all things religious. But when invited guest Reverend Barclay Steadmore, a rector at St. Bartholemew’s Church, catches him off guard by speaking with confidence ...

  • Joanna


    Her sense of dignity and comfort would be shaken like she could never have imagined... As the wife of Chuza, the steward of Herod, Joanna has access to much wealth and prestige, but still feels unfulfilled. She hides her secret immoral lifestyle. ...