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  • The Hunt of the Unicorn


    THE UNICORN TAPESTRIES IN NEW YORK are a medieval masterpiece— and a mystery. No one knows who wove them, who for, or when. Elayne knows . . . kinda. At least, she’s been told by her father that their ancestor wove them. Not only that, he left a ...

  • Thorgil Bloodaxe: The Vultures of Khurasan


    In a savage world ruled by the sword, the mercenary leader Thorgil Bloodaxe stands apart, a man feared and respected across all the bloodstained lands from west to east. Well aware of his reputation, it is to Thorgil that the Caliph of Baghdad sends ...

  • Wolf's Run


    After a terrible incident, Wolf flees from his remote village, pursued by the lord's men. He's joined by his best friend and a bizarre female warrior from snow-covered Pythagor, only to discover that something from his nightmares might be chasing ...

  • The Warriors of Ganthrow


    Betrayal. Brennan Garthran, half-elf prince of the island nation of Ganthrow, along with his twin sister, Lauren, abandon their ancestral home. Forced into exile by a traitorous noble family, they must fight to reclaim their birthright against ...

  • My Inner Elf


    Move over Vampires; witches and other super natural beings. Make way for elves that can shape shift, cast spells. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a princess or an elf? What if you found someone you trusted betrayed your family? ...

  • Escape To Ellse Where

    Ellfaerran Diaries Book One by

    The Ellfs of the Jeweled Isles had gathered to celebrate their prince’s Majority Ritual when a strange fleet of oilskin boats landed on their shores. They brought a group of Celts called Firbolgs and the deformed gods they revered, the Fomorii. So ...