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The Legend of Kisrath
by J.A. Gandza

In the vast expanse of the omniverse, where eight realms coexist in a delicate balance of power, the winds of change whisper of a prophecy—the arrival of a promised messiah who will spearhead a profound transformation. However, a dark shadow looms on the horizon, a mysterious magician and his menacing horde of black dragons. Not only do they oppose this evolutionary leap forward, they want to roll the clocks all the way back, ushering in a new age of slavery and death. The Kingdom of Rhoswen in the third realm of Veldamon, safeguarded by dragon marshals and their riders, stands as the last bastion against this encroaching evil. Among them is Kisrath, a resplendent golden dragon, and her rider, Mylandra, who is the captain of the guard. They and their companions bear the weight of protecting their homeland, unaware that their battle to save Rhoswen is but one skirmish in a much larger war. As their struggle catapults them through time and across dimensions, their friendship and courage are put to the test. Failure is not an option, however, for if their kingdom falls, the annihilation of the entire omniverse is assured, a cataclysmic plunge into eons of boundless darkness.

For the past twenty years, J.A. Gandza has studied self-empowerment and spirituality, leading workshops on meditation and energy healing and employing practices such as Access Consciousness, Reiki, IET, and drumming. She has also loved stories for her entire life, not only telling them but also listening to the stories of others, whether in person, in books, or through movies and television. This novel represents a convergence of her two great loves. In her spare time, Judy enjoys painting, drumming, watching movies, playing games, hanging out with family and friends, cooking, or just “being.” She lives in Virden, Manitoba. This is the first of her books to be published.


J.A. Gandza

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