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  • Unsayable Absence


    In the dusk of a disaster, Una McFadden is faced with indescribable pain and uncertainty in the middle of the Great Depression. She finds herself grieving in an asylum, wondering if she will ever see her children again. As a child growing up on the ...

  • Wedding Wisdom

    A Practical Guide to Personalizing Your Wedding by

    From “Red Shag Carpet” to “Love During COVID-19", 26 surprising, tense, tear jerking or quirky anecdotes are found throughout this informative practical guide on personalizing, planning and performing weddings. Doreen Wuckert offers thorough step ...

  • One Of A Kind

    A Godly Woman Experiencing Forbidden Love by

    A love story spanning thirty years. A woman dedicated to her faith. A forbidden love with an uncertain destiny. Meeting as teenagers, Nicikia and C.J. had an instant connection. A precious and monumental friendship was established in the school ...

  • Life Stories

    Love and Romance by

    A collection of poignant, touching poems and quotes about love, family, and American life, infused with faith and prayers of gratitude for God’s blessings. Dwight takes on universal themes such as marriage, friendship, parenthood, farming, and even ...

  • Sex, Cons & Rock 'N Roll

    A Tale of Love, Passion and Betrayal by

    Who the Heck is Gloria M? I have been widowed, divorced, conned, lied to, and cheated on. Dating at a mature age is difficult enough, especially if you are new to it. Online dating, in particular, has its ups and downs. Unfortunately, scammers ...

  • Unconditional Love Poems


    This wise and moving poetry collection explores the depth of love in many forms, from romance and desire to family to women's shared experience. The theme of unconditional love is universal to women as lovers, and mothers, and through shared ...

  • A Love Story

    And The Three Purple Hearts by

    This is a true story of love, hope faith and sacrifice and conflict with family. There are many women who have lost a husband like me in deployment. My husband was injured twice and earned two purple hearts. His third purple heart separated us ...

  • Tangled


    Married to a successful man, Megan's world crashes when her husband finds out she has been having an affair with a woman.

  • TMI

    (Truthful Marriage Insights) by

    TMI: Truthful Marriage Insights is an intimate, candid view into one woman’s marriage, offered to help others benefit from the lessons she’s learned. The book is aimed at encouraging newly married couples who are navigating the struggles that early ...

  • The All-for-Nothing Marriage

    Why your Marriage Will Kill You Before Death Do You Part by

    Rather than being a source of joy, your marriage can destroy your quality of life, causing silent frustration and catastrophic disappointment. But every couple is entitled to a meaningful marriage filled with passion, intimacy, and shared purpose. ...