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  • Foraging For Carbs

    Recipes from the Old Apothecary Bakery by

    In May of 2015, professional pastry chef Laura MacLeod’s dream became a reality when she opened the doors of her bakery, The Old Apothecary Bakery & Cafe (known locally as TOA) in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia. For over six years, TOA welcomed ...

  • Shop It! Mise It! Make It!

    Pronounced “Meeeeeese like Cheese” Change the Way You Cook by

    Don't give up on cooking. Try it again with a better approach and attitude. With the resurgence of home cooking, Shop It! Mise It! Make It! is the perfect how-to-cook instructional guide that will give you the know-how you need to: • Discover a ...

  • Mom's Unwritten Recipes

    Main Courses by

    Because of my love for cooking, my mom's unorganized collection of recipes and those recipes that never were written down, this cookbook has been created. This cookbook has over 100 recipes of main courses, including soups, breads, preserves and ...

  • The Bread Lady's Secrets and Companions Cookbook


    Bread is referred to as the "staff of life" in the Bible. It is a very important staple food in many cultures. Whether it is yeast breads, sourdough, naan bread, pita bread, flatbread, biscuit, crackers, tortillas or breadsticks, it can make a great ...

  • Backcountry Eats

    Making Great Dehydrated Meals for Backcountry Adventures by

    Make your own high-quality backcountry meals. Are you a seasoned backcountry hiker seeking to lighten your pack? Or, are you a canoe tripper looking to bring variety and savings to your meals? Do you have dietary needs that ready-made meals cannot ...

  • Feast on Adventure

    Lightweight, scrumptious recipes for the outdoor enthusiast. Just add water. Scenic views optional. by

    Good food can be lightweight, convenient and delicious! Feast on Adventure guides you through the world of freeze-dried, dehydrated, and instant foods. Learn how to dream up meals for your own adventures, or choose from over 40 field-tested, ...

  • Cupcakes - All Occasion Treats

    Hearty & Healthy to Delicate & Delicious by

    Learn to make the most dazzling and cherished homemade cupcakes, made with simple ingredients, in less than 30 minutes. In this 25th Anniversary Edition, Annette shares her collection of timeless, kitchen-tested cupcake recipes as well as her ...

  • All Up in My Kitchen


    Cooking a healthy, non-time-consuming, delicious meal that pleases everyone is not as hard as it seems! Here’s a cookbook that offers practical, healthy, and impressive meal solutions to help you feed your family and friends. All Up in My Kitchen ...

  • The Old Fat Guy's Beginner's Guide to Smoking Meat

    For Beginners by

    Just imagine: a never-ending supply of pulled pork, beef brisket, chicken, turkey, appetizers, and ribs, all smoked to perfection by you. What better way to impress family and friends—not to mention your gullet—with your new culinary skills? Sound ...

  • River Entertaining

    Food and Drink Ideas for Boaters In the Thousand Islands by

    Boaters enjoy the simple life, the simpler the better! That’s why I wanted to collect very easy food and drink ideas for entertaining on your boat, with minimal ingredients and preparation. Spend more time with your “mates”!!!!