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Economic Dynamics, Business Models, Difference Equations, Prediction, Stability, Risk, Interest

Economic dynamics
by S. Khrissanoff

Economics is considered as the commodity-financial exchange process. Two parallel networks are processed: commodity-production and financial.

Economics is the set of the production-consumption elements and the channels or connections among them. Market is the transference process through

the channels. The financial network processing is the reflection of the commodity-production network processing. The couples of the production and

financial equations are based on the algebra of the multi-dimensional matrices. Different levels of the economics (micro-, macro-, global-) have

the similar structures of difference dynamic equations.

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Dr. Sergey Khrissanoff, - has long-term experience of work in the European and USA / Canada engineering, economic-financial, informational, biomedical, and other projects. The range of his research interests is rather wide: from the problems of the modern mathematics and mechanics until new informational technologies. In the proposed book for readers the structures of economic processes are discovered.


S. Khrissanoff

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