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undercover cop memoir, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canadian true crime, coastal British Columbia, seventies true crime, Vancouver underworld

Nobody Important Just A Renegade Cop
by Mervin Korolek

Police work isn’t all traffic tickets and chasing robbers. In his thoughtful and highly entertaining memoir, Merv Korolek tells the stories of his life and career in British Columbia’s RCMP. Between the 1970s and 1990s, Korolek’s experiences included working undercover, facing active gunfire, meeting famous elites, and helping people through the most difficult parts of their lives. His tales from a career in law enforcement include the full scope of humanity: the good, the bad, and the downright strange.

Merv Korolek is a retired RCMP officer with twenty-five years of police work under his belt. His memoir, Nobody Important, is his debut book, which his friends and family encouraged him to write. He is a member of his local Probus club, and is an avid gardener. Merv lives in West Vancouver, British Columbia, with his wife, Caroline.


Mervin Korolek

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