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Michele Van Ryn, Hey That Hurts, Shoplifting, Retail crime, Theft, Loss prevention, Retail investigation

To Catch A Shoplifter
by Michele Van Ryn

Once upon a time, Michele Van Ryn believed shoplifting to be an act only those under teenage peer pressure or those struggling to make ends meet would perform.

She was wrong. Shoplifting truly knows no bounds—but who shoplifts, and why?

In To Catch a Shoplifter, Michele lifts the curtain on twenty years of working a job with many names: retail investigator, floorwalker, secret shopper. What she presents is people with a wide variety of backgrounds, motivations, and strategies, sacrificing absurd things just to save a little bit of cash.

Whether people shoplifted because they thought they could get away with it or because they needed to scrape by, Michele has caught them all. Join her as she tells over fifty funny, mindboggling, and sometimes heartbreaking stories of apprehending shoplifters.

Even after 20 years of observing and apprehending shoplifters, Michele is still amazed at not only the boldness and entitlement of people, but also their reaction when they get caught red-handed.


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Michele Van Ryn has been working with loss prevention services for twenty years. With the encouragement of staff in the myriad stores she has worked with, she wrote To Catch a Shoplifter to explore the reasons people shoplift and why even good and upstanding citizens might be drawn to such an activity.

She currently lives in Peterborough. This is her first book.


Michele Van Ryn

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