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  • Tales and Torts

    Stories of a Country Lawyer by

    “The newspaper headline declared in large bold letters: “Shoot Out At High Noon.” Reading the first paragraph of the article disclosed the truth of the old saying, “don’t take a knife to a gun fight.” The man with the knife lay dead on the ground, ...

  • Case Dismissed

    A Biography of Judge Charles J Durham Sr. by

    Charles James Durham was born into a Black family during the Great Depression, a time when businesses were forced to shut down, leaving thousands of people without jobs. Families struggled to keep a roof over their heads, and food on their tables. ...

  • Three Minutes for a Dog

    My Life in an Iron Lung by

    Contrary to popular belief Polio is not extinct. This is the true story of an indomitable spirit afflicted with unimaginable physical and psychological challenges. Paul Alexander’s life is a saga that started in 1946 and has been profoundly shaped ...

  • One More Round

    Examining a Career in the Combative Courtrooms of America by

    It’s been said that the law is a jealous mistress. She’s also irresistibly passionate and unpredictably cruel. In every attorney’s life, there comes a day when it’s no longer possible to keep up with her demands. In her wake comes the dreaded ...

  • Mǫ́lazha

    (Child of a Whiteman) by

    Mólazha (Child of a Whiteman) weaves three central tales together to tell the story of Richard I. Hardy, commonly known as Rick, against the backdrop of his ancestors. This is a story of survival and resilience. Rick’s European ancestors started ...

  • Memories of a Ugandan Refugee

    Encounters of Hope From Kampala to Vancouver by

    Forced to flee from one’s homeland with only a few suitcases, most would be bitter. However, Memories of a Ugandan Refugee is a story of gratitude for a country that opened its arms to those needing a safe harbour. Within its pages, Jalal Jaffer ...

  • Denali's Fortunate Son

    A Bipolar Journey by

    Most professionals believe a Bipolar I diagnosis precludes the stress of a litigation lawyer. Set in the "Golden Heart" of Fairbanks, Alaska, the book is one of faith, hope, adventure and perseverance against the daunting challenges of mental ...

  • The Honourable Aleck

    Love, Law and Tragedy in Early Canada by

    The Honourable Aleck is the true story of the life and times of Alexander Rocke Robertson and Margaret Bruce Eberts, Aleck’s beloved wife ‘Maggie’. Born and raised in Chatham, Upper Canada, ‘Aleck’ Robertson came to British Columbia in 1864 as a ...