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  • Those were the days of my life


    "Those were the days of my life" is a book that relates stories to the reader, in a thoughtful, humorous and conversational way. The author colorfully communicates his life's adventures from a boy to a pilot, firefighter, father, entrepreneur and ...

  • Mastership

    The Journey From Bankruptcy to a New Life by

    In 1996 at the age of 48, Lorne Davidson declared bankruptcy and was forced to take a hard look at his life as a touring musician. With debts racking up and no answers in sight, he felt he had hit rock bottom. After a suggestion from his wife to try ...

  • Off the Beaten Path

    Autobiography of an Urban Planner's Sojourn Through Fourteen World Cities by

    Dr. John Taylor’s compelling memoir illustrates the life most people only dream of: traveling and living abroad while working in a profession that creates real change in the world. Off the Beaten Path tells the story of Taylor’s evolution from his ...

  • 'Happy' Norman, Volume III (1979-1989)

    Volume III - Chasing Gold, African Adventures, and a Love Fest by

    The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man in Letters to my Grandchildren and Other Friends Anyone who studies contemporary history, business and management or aspires to succeed in life without selling out on their values and dreams should read ...

  • 'Happy' Norman, Volume II (1958-1979)

    Nuclear Assignments, Caribbean Mishaps and Mid-Life Crises by

    The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man in Letters to my Grandchildren and Other Friends In Volume II the 30 year old Keith returns to the UK and begins a career as Commercial Director in the UK Atomic Energy Authority. When, after 13 years, the ...

  • The Strawberry Lounge Story

    How I got over my fears, dumped my excuses and opened the business of my dreams, the Motherpreneur way by

    Don't we all have a big, scary dream? Mine was to own a coffee shop in the Caribbean! For seventeen long years I told myself I was either too young, the timing wasn't right, or the money wasn't enough. When I became a mother, starting my own ...

  • Carpe Data: CONNECT


    Have you ever had the feeling you were being guided down a specific path in life? A real, deep in your guts, crap in your pants inclination? What if you came to believe you were placed on this earth to do something that would change everything? What ...

  • Kaleidoscope

    Patterns in a life by

    After a challenging childhood in England in the war and post war years, Pat Hayles went on to live an exciting, international life. She emigrated to Canada where she created new agencies helping depressed and suicidal individuals, and working with ...

  • Goodness is Contagious

    From Profit to Purpose by

    At the age of eighteen David Ash attended a seminar that would change the direction of his troubled young life forever. His heart and mind were filled with hopes and dreams of a life he could never have imagined before. That day he set his first ...

  • The Pacesetter

    The Complete Story by

    Who was responsible for the these Great American Landmarks: The Indy 500, The Dixie Highway, The Lincoln Highway, Miami Beach and Montauk New York?