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  • Concerts and Sparkling Lights


    This is a story of one woman’s journey through the first year of grief. Sally Lennerton Parker started a diary the day after losing her husband of thirty two years. She shares this diary in Concerts and Sparkling Lights.

  • Shaped by Hate, Exclusion and Racism

    How to Navigate and Rise in a Hostile Environment by

    This book tells a story of Tarcisse Ruhamyandekwe whose journey started at his birth in Rwanda. In his life, he has experienced so many acts of exclusion, discrimination and racism, so many times that his first reaction has been always to ignore ...

  • Farewell Dundas Street

    A Memoir by

    Symbolically greeted by an unusually early spring, the afternoon of March 27, 1973 marked a pivotal moment in Oscar’s life. It was the day that he arrived in Montreal, Canada, and his life began to flourish. He was sixteen years old. Ten time zones ...

  • Behind the Green Door

    From the land of Windmills to the Land of the Maple Leaf by

    Behind the Green Door is a collection of stories that will make you laugh but also may bring a tear to your eye while you read in vivid detail the challenges of an immigrant child and the struggles of being uprooted to a new land without ...

  • Calming Dr. Twitch-A-Lot Volume 2

    From Heroic Fantasy to Human Reality-An Approximate Autobiography by

    Calming Dr. Twitch-A-Lot Volume 1 culminates in Evelyn Wolff’s transformation into an artist. Volume 2 opens with Evelyn passionately embarking on her apprenticeship in stained glass. As well she trains as a psychotherapist and begins her Buddhist ...

  • Rebel in Coveralls

    A Collection of Short Stories by

    Rebel in Coveralls is a blockbuster memoir that recounts the life of an adventurist. In a collection of derring-do short stories, follow along vicariously through the author’s real life adventures, and death defying experiences. Levi Nathom is a ...

  • Exile


    In 1945, at the end of the Second World War, thousands of women and children in West Prussia were forced to flee from their homes, driven into the Unknown by a relentless enemy. As hunger and bitter cold took the lives of their children, mothers ...

  • Wings in the Storm

    Hope & Healing through Brokenness: A Memoir by

    Not so long ago, Sandra knew the path her life would take. Housewife. Mother. A noble calling, yet predictable, ordinary. Then out of nowhere came a strange proposal. Abruptly, her course was altered: a new town, another life far from home. As she ...

  • Lilies in the Field


    Lilies in the Field is the story of Air Force Captain Kathy Anderson, from her idyllic childhood years as the daughter of an Air Force officer living in the Netherlands and Germany to her return to the United States to complete her education, grow ...

  • Grace to Handle It

    My Journey Through Grief by

    Grace to Handle It, My Journey Through Grief This book is about how to deal with the inevitable spiritual, emotional, mental and physical changes, no matter the gender or age, that occur while on a journey through grief. The scripture references, ...