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  • Doodle Caboodle


    Get lost in these 50 abstract watercolor paintings by artist Alison Kervin. Add your own creative interpretation to these whimsical colorful pages. Plan your illustration, or let your pen free-flow. Draw vines, lines, flowers, towers, shapes, or ...

  • Linear Perspective SIMPLY PUT

    The "It Factor" All Too Often Overlooked by

    Whether you’re an artist or designer, student or professional, author Rene Thibault’s practical guide expertly outlines how combining linear perspective with artistic license can be a valuable reference tool in visualizing three-dimensional forms. ...

  • Art-Making

    A Companion in Solitude by

    Many people turn to "The Arts" during periods of solitude, whether externally or internally imposed. They may have a deep-seated need, a passion, to make visual art statements. The letters are written to the reader/art-making companion to inspire ...

  • Drawings and a special design Proposal


    A simple notebook with drawings and a special 'proposal' for professional designers and makers of 'places' for all types of human use worldwide, including students and anyone interested. The proposal dealing with one special shape which is said to ...

  • Watercolour Toolbox

    Essentials for Painting Success by

    From her experience as a professional artist for over 25 years and instructing workshops for almost a decade, Karen Richardson has identified the challenges everyone encounters when learning to paint. Watercolour Toolbox focuses on simple solutions ...

  • Colour Me Perfect

    Fashion Coloring Book by

    Do you love modern fashion and design? Do you enjoy playing with color, and exploring what different colors say about your personal style? Then you’ll love Color Me Perfect. Sara Eshak is a designer and illustrator who has brought her popular ...

  • Steel Art

    An essential guide to creative metal art through welding by

    Within the covers of this books you will not only find over 50 projects intended to stir something from the ability of creativity that dwells in all of us, but also give you the best possible direction to follow to help achieve any of all of this in ...

  • Make Your Mark in Pastels

    Get hooked on painting with pure pigment by

    Make Your Mark in Pastels by Karin Richter Karin Richter's passion for teaching others is evident in this easy-to-follow instructional book which presents a fresh, unintimidating way to learn the medium of PASTELS. Karin's approach is all about ...

  • The Guide to Becoming a Professional Artist


    Having sold millions of dollars of fine art in a career spanning over 30 years, veteran art consultant Harry Israel lays out in simple, easy to follow steps, a basic plan to become a professional artist. From the novice who is just starting out, to ...