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Drawings and a special design Proposal cover

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Unusual Drawings, Special Drawings, Pencil Drawings, Scottish Drawings, 4U2C Drawings, Unusual Artwork, Artwork Pencils

Drawings and a special design Proposal
by Alexander Campbell

A simple notebook with drawings and a special 'proposal' for professional designers and makers of 'places' for all types of human use worldwide, including students and anyone interested. The proposal dealing with one special shape which is said to be many thousands of years old. It is hoped that many people will accept the idea of spending one hour each month following the request to use the shape to produce designs of many kinds leading to a possibly new and important way of thinking and doing.

The author is Scottish, studied architecture (placemaking) in Glasgow School of Art in the 1950s and has considered related matters since then. There are only a few buildings in the world that can be called masterpieces and there are many good ones but there are millions that have no particular value, some have none. The Glasgow School of Art is a magnificent example by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, a local genius who came from nowhere bringing magic. It is hoped that this notebook,which contains a clear explanation, will help to take us forward from Mackintosh using his lead in establishing an exciting way of doing things.


Alexander Campbell

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