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Mother Extraordinaire
Love Covers a Multitude of Sins
by Beth Carol Solomon

On a hazy summer morning in 1961, amidst a visit from her best friend Brenda and Brenda’s infant daughter, Kelly’s world shatters in a single moment. A mundane trip to the grocery store to replenish milk turns into a nightmare as Kelly returns to find devastation in place of her cozy apartment complex—her cherished friend and her own daughter Donna Jo lost to the merciless flames. Left with only Brenda's baby, a mirror image of her lost child, Kelly makes a life-altering choice in the blink of an eye and claims the child as her own. A decade later, the past resurfaces when Brenda's widowed husband Paul reaches out, igniting a storm of conflicting emotions within Kelly. Despite the deep bonds forged with her “adopted” daughter, the guilt and haunting shadows of the past refuse to release their grip. And then there's the enigmatic presence of an old homeless woman, a witness to Kelly's actions, who threatens to reveal her deepest darkest secret. This story is a saga of love, family, forgiveness, and redemption against a backdrop of tangled emotions and unforeseen dangers. As Kelly navigates the intricate web of her choices, the narrative twists and turns, revealing the enduring power of love to conquer even the darkest corners of the human heart.

Beth Carol Solomon is a passionate advocate for the belief that every individual holds inherent value and the potential to effect meaningful change. With a diverse academic background including degrees in Psychology, English, History, Women’s Studies, Sociology, and a master's in English, Beth Carol is a testament to academic excellence, graduating with Honors. Her professional journey has traversed the dynamic landscape of New York City’s classified advertising scene, where she has honed her skills and expertise. However, Beth Carol's dedication extends far beyond her professional pursuits, where she actively engages in volunteer work, with a particular focus on special education. Fueled by her fascination with stories of resilience and triumph over adversity, Beth Carol is drawn to narratives of individuals who persevere in the face of personal challenges. Her love of literature and her deep empathy for the human experience drive her to explore the journeys of those who refuse to be defined by their setbacks. Through her pursuits in literature, volunteerism, and advocacy, Beth Carol Solomon exemplifies a life fueled by creativity, compassion, and an unwavering commitment to making a positive impact.


Beth Carol Solomon

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