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Jaguar Heart
The Courage to Feel, the Courage to See, the Need to Forgive and Heal
by Anna Dodds

Jaguar Heart is the true story of one woman’s spiritual journey as she went from feeling completely alone and different and less than those around her to finding a connection with the entire universe. It is also a book about hope for those out there needing to find their true selves, a sense of purpose, and inner peace. For Anna Dodds, this journey involved coming to terms with the reality that her entire self-view had been shaped through the mental, physical, and sexual abuse of a narcissistic mother and the dynamics of a family and traditional society that didn’t allow her to be her true self. Deciding to take matters into her own hands, Anna courageously opens herself to both ancient wisdom and new ideas. Her empathic nature leads her to seek healing and self-knowledge through a variety of modalities. These include energy healing, meditation, yoga, astrology, tarot reading, A Course in Miracles, and perhaps most importantly, past-life regression. As Anna experiences visions from previous lives, she learns from them, including her lifetime as an Indigenous man of pre-Columbian tropical America, whose tragic fate is still impacting her soul. Both intriguing and inspirational, Jaguar Heart explores the importance of the mother-daughter relationship, reclaiming one’s true self, and being open to an existence beyond the physical world. By sharing her experiences and hard-earned wisdom, Anna lets us know that no one needs to feel alone and that we can all be part of something greater if we open our minds and souls to it.

Anna Dodds was born and raised in a traditional and religious society in Northern Italy, in which women’s roles were clearly defined. While studying languages at the Interpreter School of her local university, she met and later married her husband John. Anna is fluent in Italian, English, and Spanish, with knowledge of French and Mandarin, and used her skills to help people understand each other and work together in a UN institution for nearly thirty years. Anna has traveled the world extensively and visited many temples and sacred places, including Machu Picchu. She is passionate about and accomplished in singing, qigong, and tai chi chuan, in which she obtained a second duan black belt and a first-level instructor certificate. She also has a master diploma in the Energy Healing Facilitator (EHF) technique. Today, Anna lives in the peaceful Italian countryside, where she enjoys gardening and continues her spiritual journey. Jaguar Heart is her first book.


Anna Dodds

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