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    • Higher Consciousness,
    • Universal Principles,
    • Cosmic Energy,
    • Human Transformation,
    • Channeled Wisdom,
    • Spiritual Teachings,
    • Hidden Human History

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What I am Not... I AM
Becoming a Channel and Messages of Wisdom, Truth, & Guidance for Humanity
by Vanita Batra

Widely accessible are a vast number of spiritual tools and teachings designed to help us cultivate a better understanding of ourselves, our world around us, and our role within it. Many of these teachings were, and continue to be, instrumental to my own journey of understanding. In 2016, that journey expanded to become one that includes Connection—connection to a higher version of self, and seemingly beyond self—to information that has completely decoded and recontextualized my perceptions of reality and human experience. I documented all of it. Having spent many years integrating this information while simultaneously striving to live my life in a way that is worthy of it, I now feel compelled to step out of the “spiritual closet” as one who channels—to share the documentation of my Journey’s transformation, as well as all of the transformational information received. Personal interpretations and perspectives are minimally offered so that each may receive this information in resonance with their own frequency, but much loving guidance is provided. Please be forewarned that Contemplation will be required to discover the multi-faceted and multi layered truths within this information. Other than being an observant, attentive, curious, questioning human, I am wholly without any recognizable accreditations that might qualify me to share any Wisdoms or Truths. Thus I am a living example of the Connection available to every human, merely accessing these abilities a little sooner than most of my collective siblings. With genuine and loving intention, I Trust and release this body of work to help expedite or birth for others, connections to and beyond self, that they may find their own versions of Wisdom & Truth. Towards living a life in Service, this Sharing with you, dear Seeker. Vanita

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Vanita Batra is a grandmother of one, a mother of three, and a former dog mom of two fondly missed companions. Of East Indian ethnicity, she was born and raised in Canada which continues to be her home. After raising her children, she entered the wealth management industry in 2001 where she remained until semi-retirement in 2021. She continues to offer small business-related services on a part-time basis. A very private person most comfortable operating in the limelight, Vanita steps bravely forward to uncharacteristically share her personal “spiritual diary” that documents her experience of becoming a channel as well as channeled Guidance & Wisdom for Humanity. With trust, in Trust, that her spiritual journey and the revelations along her path may serve another during these transformational and pivotal times, this book is her first public act of service to Humanity. She remains open and willing to further serve when Called. Meanwhile, she spends a lot of time in Contemplation, in frequencies of Contentment, Peace & Bliss, minding her grand-doggy, Molly, as well as her home and many plants, and remains always on standby to support and guide family and friends when called upon. She loves learning, loves to travel to destinations that “call”, loves meaningful conversations, and especially loves spending time with her children as their adult worlds expand in new, both challenging and exciting, ways. Living a Heart & Wisdom based Life in Truth, Vanita believes in self-care first, including Solitude, so that she may effectively help others when necessary and appropriate. She also believes that the overall purpose of Life is Experience, on and with our beautiful planet, with conscious awareness of being Consciousness in physical form.


Vanita Batra

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