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to whom it may concern
sincerely, me
by Kyla Hawthorn

you put the weight of your world on my shoulders now i am too heavy to carry my own In loving and caring for others, sometimes we forget to love and care for ourselves too. As we navigate through life’s challenges and focus on others, we get further away from ourselves. The weight we bear threatens to crush us, to drive us further into the ground. And after heartbreak and loss, what’s left? Who is left? It’s in the grief that we feel isolated, disconnected from our true selves and powerless. But we’re not alone. to whom it may concern, sincerely, me is a poetry collection divided into three parts: depression, heartbreak, and self-love. These free verse poems illuminate the darkness of depression, expressing what is so often felt but left wordless, trapped inside of us. Poet Kyla Hawthorn explores the complexities of love by diving into her past relationships and heartbreaks with vulnerability and honesty. She unravels the inner turmoil between self-love and toxic love, between advocacy and complacency. These poems remind us that advocating for ourselves, living a life of authenticity, are important acts of self-love. More than poetry, to whom it may concern, sincerely, me is a collection of self-help affirmations that encourage us to take back our power. When we take back our power, we can shed the weight of toxic relationships and situationships in our lives. We can be our true selves.

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Kyla Hawthorn has worked as a 911 operator for almost ten years. After eight months of intensive therapy and diagnoses of PTSD, depression, and anxiety, Kyla learned that her whole life has centred on caring for others. In the process, she neglected herself. Inspired to help others take back their power, she wrote to whom it may concern, sincerely, me. This is her first book. When she’s not writing and journaling, she enjoys music, meditation, and reading outside on a covered deck with a cup of tea while it rains. She lives in Alberta, Canada, with her two Chihuahuas, Bailey and Luna. You can follow her on Instagram


Kyla Hawthorn

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