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Target Audience:
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Bread and dough, Funny stories, Cumulative stories, Messes and disasters, Family dynamics, Imagination and play, Creative stories

Jam Spots
by JoAn Weissman

When Mammy sees that jam spots on the wall are attracting flies, she isn’t worried. She puts some honey on the doorstop to draw away the flies…but then her husband gets stuck in the honey! Oh no! What are Mammy and Pappy going to do?

Help can come in different ways. Luckily, there’s a whole cast of interesting people in this town, and each one has advice to offer on how to unstick poor Pappy. Whether it’s milk from the milkman or yeast from the baker, everyone has an idea of what to do. But none of them stick around long enough to see the results! Will Mammy be able to get Pappy unstuck before their daughter comes home from school for lunch? Or will Pappy be stuck on the doorstep forever, or swallowed by dough?

Jam Spots is for every reader who has ever tried to make a sticky situation better—and only made it worse! And it takes place in a very familiar setting: home is the place where a child is surrounded by many different and familiar faces. If your child never misses the garbage man, or always has a wave for the mail carrier, this book is for them. Remind children to love books with this fun, silly story.

JoAn Weissman was a teacher for many years. She loves to write, and she would often write stories for the elementary students in her ESL classes. The part that was the most fun was when she made an oversize book for all to see—using a whole lot of paper! The vocabulary was the important learning part, and illustrations tied in the vocabulary. The comments and questions that the children asked were her reward and her fulfilment.

At home, JoAn was a dedicated bread maker. When her children were small, she started telling them the story that would one day become Jam Spots—which she finished years later for her grandchildren. JoAn has had rich and rewarding adventures over the years. Though her sports life may be curtailed by a knee replacement and a broken femur, she still has a lot to do before she hangs up her spurs. JoAn loves to draw and paint, do word games such as Spelling Bee and Crosswords, make quilts, and work out in her very small home gym.

JoAn lives in a small French ville with her beloved husband. Their wonderful children have flown the coop, but they don't have an empty nest thanks to their charming dog, PoppySou.


JoAn Weissman

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