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  • Treasured Cesarean

    The complete, uncensored, healthy mama’s guide to accepting, preparing for, and owning your cesarean while healing from the inside out! by

    Learning that you may need to deliver by cesarean is likely not what you pictured for your baby’s birth, but after reading Treasured Cesarean’s detailed background information, tips, and checklists, you will feel empowered and ready to go! Author ...

  • Enjoying the Interval: Murray Enkin: A Life

    Medical Humanist and Honorary Midwife by

    Anyone who has enjoyed the great happiness and intimacy of a family-centred birth, and any midwife or health professional who has attended one, owes a debt of gratitude to internationally known Canadian doctor, researcher, and medical reformer, ...

  • Teaching Perinatal Care: A Practical Guide


    This multi-authored handbook—the first of its kind—focuses on methods and strategies for teaching perinatal care. Each chapter is inspired by presentations and workshops presented at the biennial National Forum on Teaching Competence in Family ...

  • Our Long Midnight

    Reflections of a Physician on Life and Faith During a Global Pandemic by

    The COVID-19 pandemic has upended our lives, assumptions, and relationships, leaving many of us disoriented. During this time, Dr. Jean Chamberlain-Froese has shared her own journey in regular blog posts and so helped readers navigate theirs. Her ...

  • No Longer Hysteria

    My Chronic Battle with Endometriosis by

    Endometriosis is a common condition/disease that affects 1 out of 10 women, and yet women are being told it’s normal for them to have pain with their period. It is listed in the top 10 most painful conditions to have and diagnosing this disease ...

  • Debra's Gifts

    A story of love. The beginning and end of life. by

    Mother’s Statement: This book is about our experience with my daughter Debra’s walk with cancer. It is every mother’s nightmare — losing a child. It began the first day my daughter was diagnosed. Never did I consider the possibility that my diary ...