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    • 336 pages
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  • Keywords
    • Building capacity,
    • Coaching,
    • Creating change,
    • Leadership style,
    • Management,
    • Personal development,
    • Teamwork

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The Way of the Co-Creative Leader
Transform your mindset and your leadership style to increase your impact as a leader everywhere in your life!
by Steffan Surdek

It’s time to change your leadership game! The meaning of the word leadership is currently in major flux in many organizations around the world. Being a leader is no longer about having all the answers, making all the decisions, driving your team hard and being in the spotlight. The workplace needs a new way of leading that engages and motivates people. In this groundbreaking work on leadership development, experienced coach Steffan Surdek introduces you to co-creative leadership and the five key skills of a co-creative leader. This book anchors the five key skills in real-world experiences and the story of Steffan’s own personal growth. You will find a wealth of wisdom here on developing yourself as a leader and unlocking the power of co-creative leadership. Why The Way of the Co-Creative Leader? Co-creative leadership is a mindset and a leadership style that encourages leaders to engage and motivate their employees in a very different way. The core idea behind it is that as a leader, becoming aware of how you talk and interact with your team is the key to transform your leadership. In the coaching world, we typically talk about this self-awareness by referring to a person’s “way of being”. In this book, this is something I call your leadership game. In the first third of this book, I will begin by teaching some fundamentals and how you can start seeing your leadership game in action. In the rest of the book, I will teach you about co-creative leadership and the five key skills of a co-creative leader. Throughout the book, I share with you stories of my own personal growth as well as stories that happened with clients to help ground the notions in reality.

“I can’t imagine any leader reading this book and not finding him or herself within the countless anecdotes and lessons. And that’s what makes this book so useful.” – From the foreword by David Brown. “This book turns leadership on its head, and that’s a lesson worth paying attention to. Leaders don’t create followers. Followers create leaders.“ - from the foreword by David Brown

Steffan Surdek is a much-in-demand leadership development coach and corporate trainer who has always been driven to expand the notion of leadership to include each member of the team. Using the principles of co-creative leadership, he works with executives and their teams to transform their leadership style and create lasting change in their organizations. Steffan lives in the small town of Saint-Lazare, a suburb of Montréal, with his spouse and two kids. In his spare time, he enjoys working on woodworking projects and sports, like bowling and hockey. He is the founder of Surdek Solutions, a consulting and training company based in Montreal, Canada.


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