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  • Keywords
    • Children’s literature,
    • Fantasy novel,
    • Fantasy adventure,
    • Mushrooms,
    • Friendship,
    • Magic,
    • Elves

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Mushroom Land
by N. Sers

It’s just an ordinary day—or so eleven-year-old Natalia thinks. Then her friend John shows her something strange: the pond in John’s Uncle Marvin’s backyard, once beautiful and clear, is now covered in sickly, green scum. Even weirder is the inexplicable spaceship Natalia and John discover in Marvin’s shed. Before they know it, Natalia and John have taken an accidental trip to Mushroom Land, and their lives will never be ordinary ever again. In Mushroom Land, Natalia and John meet an impatient elf named Oo-la-lu, who was expecting Marvin. The elf sends the pair of them off on a mysterious mission to help the Queen of the Mushrooms—a mission which must be completed within six days. Following Oo-la-lu’s vague instructions, Natalia and John set off through the mushroom forest. Along the way, they find themselves delighted by the splendour and silliness of this magical world: singing choirs of mushrooms, surprising new foods, and funny elf customs. But there are also many obstacles to overcome, and many questions without answers. What are the so-called creatures all the elves seem so scared of? And what does any of this have to do with Uncle Marvin and the sick pond in his backyard? Will Natalia and John get the answers they need to complete their mission and return home? Heartfelt, funny, and suspenseful, Mushroom Land tells a unique story of courage, friendship, adventure, and the magical power of laughter.

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N. Suzanne Sers is a first-time author who began dreaming up exciting fictional adventures while taking a walk through the forest one day. In her spare time, She enjoys cycling, swimming, reading fantasy/adventure novels, and attending language and dining groups. She lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


N. Sers

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