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  • Spirits of the Northern Lights


    “You have a long way to go before you are wise like the old people,” Grandma Grace tells ten-year-old Cora when she leaves her hard-working single mother and spends summers with her grandparents. Each summer, Grandma Grace and Grandpa William teach ...

  • Maria's Ballet Slippers


    Maria, an energetic and excited girl is seen dancing in her room along with the music coming from her music box. She imagines becoming a Ballerina and dancing in her beautiful slippers. A fun and inspiring story of a young girl following her dreams ...

  • The Life of Jorja Bear


    This is the story of Jorja Bear the dog who tells of her experiences in her life. Children are invited to experience the world through the eyes of a dog. From being a victim of bullying to being evacuated from her home and running from a rogue fire ...

  • Harry Humble


    Before Harry leaves home for his first day of school, his parents remind him to be nice to the new students in his class. When Harry sees a boy sitting alone in the auditorium, he introduces himself while the other kids stand at a distance making ...

  • The Mighty Oak Of The Forest


    In the back woods a small family of two girls and mom and dad are working their farm in pioneer days. Our older girl is dads big girl and our small girl is mom's little girl but loves all the animals of the valley and forest. Our little girl gets ...

  • The Biting Cheese Bows Challenge


    Lots of Knots! Life can be hard for a nine year old. Why? Abbey's father is in the Navy, and he goes away a lot. In this book, she and her friends must solve a SUPER DUPER TOP SECRET CHALLENGE while he is at sea. Will wrong turns and bad luck stop ...

  • Clever Sarah


    Sarah has always been considered a great student at P.S. 24. Some even consider her clever. Yet, there are times when she doesn't have the confidence that she needs to survive the fifth grade. See how she uses Science, Technology, Engineering, ...

  • The Secret Passage


    The Secret Passage is a book for adults, adolescents, and children. It can be enjoyed by parents who like to read to their children in the evening or by the fire. It is an adventure story but it is also a journey in life. The author, a father, ...

  • Magical Eyes

    Dawn Of The Sand by

    A GIANT WHITE EAGLE, A CHARMED BOOK, AND A GIRL WITH SPECIAL POWERS… In a world where magic is feared, Princess Martina must be careful and conceal her magical talents—especially when her spiteful brother acts like a complete stranger. She finds a ...