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Hope, Faith, Love, Poetry, Healing, Decisions, Family

The Truth Between The Rhymes
by Raffaele Siciliano

The Truth Between the Rhymes is a collection of poetry about hope, love, and faith. This culmination of ten years’ worth of poetry draws on Siciliano’s life experiences to offer readers faced with the challenges of life a way forward. Placing trust in yourself and recognizing that you deserve love will help guide you through even the darkest of times.

Siciliano’s poetry weaves emotions out of words to inspire, encourage, and heal.

Raffaele Siciliano has been writing poetry for the last decade. He enjoys the creative endeavour of imagining happy endings for events he would otherwise be unable to control. He hopes his art impacts readers positively and helps them cope with their own life difficulties.

Siciliano enjoys spending time outdoors at his trailer on the lake with family and friends. He lives in Oshawa, Ontario, with his wife and two sons.


Raffaele Siciliano

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