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Target Audience:
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Honeybees, Beehives, Animal education, Jamaica, Ackee, Happiness, Beekeeping

The Boy and the Honeybees
by Desmond Loren

Marvin loves the honeybees. He loves to watch them, play with them, and learn about them. Lucky for Marvin, his mama knows a lot about honeybees. She teaches him of their importance to the natural ecosystem and how such small creatures have such a mighty job—how they pollinate the flowers to help the plants grow and create the honey they share with us. This makes Marvin very happy. But Marvin’s mother also teaches him about how honeybees protect themselves and their hives, warning him of their stingers.

Marvin spends every day after school playing with the honeybees. Sometimes they sting him, and it hurts, but he is never deterred. Then, one day, Marvin ignores his mother’s warning. In an effort to create his own beehive, Marvin tries to capture a swarm of bees from an ackee tree, but Marvin’s plan goes terribly wrong.

Join Marvin in The Boy and the Honeybees to learn how love can be shown through respect and how you can help the honeybees, too.

Desmond Loren makes his authorial debut with his children’s publication, The Boy and the Honeybees. Based on his own experiences as a boy, Desmond wishes to share the incredible beauty and importance of honeybees with children, encouraging reading and learning. He lives in Toronto, Ontario. Desmond enjoys the stillness of nature through hobbies such as fishing, and of course, caring for the honeybees. For more information, follow Desmond on Twitter at @desmond_loren or visit his website at


Desmond Loren
A. Niluka Priyadarshani Arabage

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