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  • Adventures of Chris & Raymond

    The Zombie Sleepover by

    Chris and Raymond are two 11 year old children that live next door to each other in the Pacific West Coast and are best friends. Their wonderful imaginations take them on a journey of self discovery as they go through a series of adventures ...

  • Naughty Boys Camp


    Lej is five years old. There are a lot of great things about being five: your siblings can’t call you a toddler anymore, you’re taller than you were before, and you even get to throw a big party in celebration of your birthday! There are some ...

  • Mattie and the Wolverines


    Mattie Keller has two dreams in life: to make the Wolverines’ Peewee One hockey team, and to have the latest in hockey stick technology—the XY Chrome stick. Mattie is one of the best players the Wolverines have, but he’s small for twelve years old. ...

  • Snow Pants In April


    Finally! Winter is over and little Tommy can put away those bulky, itchy snow clothes. With the spring sun warming his face and the soft green grass tickling his toes, Tom is the happiest boy in the world. Look out Tom, something cold and white is ...

  • Daniel: The Age of Discovery


    Daniel French is the twelve-year old son of one of the world’s wealthiest men. Daniel may be rich in resources, but he is definitely poor in emotional ties with people and practically bankrupt in social skills. Ignored by his parents and mistreated ...

  • The Boys of '63


    The silence of the peaceful night is broken. Change is on it's way for Bobby and his friends of Wattinger, North Dakota. It is the summer of 1963 in a typical prairie town where the coming of age for teens presents the same challenges is in any ...

  • Poopy Patinski’s Green Egg Adventure


    The Green Egg Adventure is a story about friendship, courage, and reaching beyond expectations. Carefully woven, it is the story of two boys who find the courage to fight Moo Moo Chickens, Attack Squirrels, battle evil grannies and come face-to-face ...

  • Diadem

    The Adventures of Hans & Feetz by

    Hans and Feetz had become used to spending their lazy summer days sailing in the familiar waters around Pender Harbour and exploring the many nearby islands. But a freakish storm was about to change everything. Shipwrecked and marooned on a phantom ...

  • Finding the Griz


    Daniel and Colter are two young boys that live at the Fernie ski hill everyday. It has been a bad year for skiing, it's cold and there is very little snow. After talking to the owner of the ski hill, they try and find a legend that can make it snow.