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Fictional gospel, Humourous Biblical stories, Fictional saints, Parody of the gospels, Spoof of the gospels, Religious satire, Humour in religion

The Book of Justin
A lost gospel
by Seán Cullen

The small book you hold in your hand is the collected account of Justin of Caesarea, a companion of the Apostles of Jesus and a witness to his ministry. The veracity of the account Justin gives has been debated by scholars and theologians since it was discovered in an ancient latrine in Jerusalem decades ago. The Book of Justin is a strange yet refreshing look at the collected stories we have accepted as the truth. Read and share in its wisdom.

“Sean Cullen is the funniest man in Canada, and that’s the gospel truth. While his Book of Justin may not get us any closer to solving the synoptic problem or resolving the quest of the historical Jesus (spoiler), it does combine Saturday night comedy with Sunday School subject matter to hilarious effect. The results are as refreshing as crisp Eucharistic salad.”

Charlie Demers (Comedian and Author)

“I love Seán. I hope he manages to finally make some money.”

Seán’s Mom

“I am sore all the time.”

An old man.

Seán Cullen photo

Seán Cullen is an award-winning comedian, novelist, and actor. He has three human children. He lives in an undisclosed location, unknown even to himself for his own safety. He enjoys corn on the cob and has never seen a horse up close.


Seán Cullen

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