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  • The Book of Justin

    A lost gospel by

    The small book you hold in your hand is the collected account of Justin of Caesarea, a companion of the Apostles of Jesus and a witness to his ministry. The veracity of the account Justin gives has been debated by scholars and theologians since it ...

  • God Grants His First Divorce

    And other absurdities of contemporary times by

    What does a technology-dependent family need to bring on a canoe trip? What happens when teachers work remotely while their students are in the school building? Who is the real expert on cleaning out a cluttered basement? Each comedy sketch in this ...

  • Wincent


    In a federal prison in Polk County, Texas, Winston Butang sits on death row, awaiting lethal injection for his brutal murder and desecration of a pedophilic priest. Butang, better known in the media as the Stigmata Killer, has no reason to believe ...