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  • Keywords
    • Surviving abuse,
    • Surviving sexual abuse,
    • Surviving physical abuse,
    • Childhood trauma,
    • Childhood abuse,
    • Cycle of violence,
    • Patterns of abuse

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Scar Tissue
My Fight to Survive Multiple Intense Compound Traumas
by Lucy Henson

A true story detailing a lifetime of toxic relationships and shocking abuses of every sort, which started in early childhood, Scar Tissue illustrates exactly how damaging unchecked anger, untreated mental illness, and familial disfunction can be to those trapped in such environments. Never mincing words, it vividly captures the horrors and heartache the author went through in her formative years, and beyond, and how it shaped every aspect of her life, eventually leading from a suicide attempt to the growing realization that she needed to do whatever it would take to break a cycle that was all she had ever known, so that she could begin the healing process and save both herself and her children from the echoes of her past.

"Scar Tissue is a powerful memoir about breaking free from trauma to find happiness." —Foreword Clarion Review “Raw, not pretty, and may be hard to finish if you are looking for a happy ending, Lucy’s story is a vivid and rare glimpse into a victim’s life, experiencing the worst parts of humanity. If I gave you a small preview of what this woman has endured in 40 short years, it would be easy to believe that I am telling you about multiple women escaping horrible and evil situations from some of the worst parts of the world. But sadly, it is the story of only one woman right here in our backyards. Within the unimaginable and shocking details (which force you to face the dirty truth of generational abuse instead of pretending it doesn’t exist) is a story of how the smallest amount of compassion, love, and genuine desire for better can give you the courage to go from victim to survivor.” —Rigoberto A. Murillo, CEO & Chairman, MW Partners, LLC “Scar Tissue is an experience that is raw, and eye opening. A look into a woman’s fight to end a cycle of abuse and neglect. You can feel her pain and absolute anger towards her abusers. Eventually her healing, and finally herlearning to love herself.” —Vashni Irving, MS/CCC/SLP “Scar Tissue by Lucy Henson is one of the most profound books I have ever read. It is profoundly sad, profoundly tragic, and profoundly disturbing. But it is also profoundly hopeful because it is the story of a very brave and resilient woman who has overcome more trauma than anyone should ever have to suffer in one’s life, and not only survived, but found the will to thrive. The issues in this book are deep and dark - racism, generational trauma, sexism, child sexual abuse, narcissistic abuse, domestic violence, poverty and child abuse. But these are stories that need to be shared and I am in awe of Lucy’s ability to not only survive these horrors, but to have truly ended the cycle of abuse for her family. Some stories, no matter how difficult they are to hear, must be told. And we must listen to survivors like Lucy to prevent these tragedies from happening again. Scar Tissue is a memoir told bravely and boldly by a survivor and is a reminder that while cycles of generational trauma and abuse can be broken, they must be prevented in the first place. Lucy, and every survivor like her, deserves better and if there is one thing you can do, it’s to read her story.” —@cant_put_it_down_reviews

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Having been through so much in her past, and finally living in a loving and secure present, Lucy Henson is all too aware of how dangerous it is to keep our traumas to ourselves, hidden in the shadows of shame or regret. Only by speaking out can we raise awareness of the long-term effects of abuse … and break the cycles of violence and neglect that crush the hopes, dreams, and potentials of one generation after another. She hopes that by sharing her story, as difficult as it has been, others will be inspired to speak out about their own experiences, learn to watch for signs of it in others who might be trapped in abusive circumstances, and start taking action. “Notice the red flags. Be aware of the abuse. Don't ignore it. Normalize speaking out.” Lucy currently lives in a single-home dwelling with her loving, patient, and supportive husband, her fourteen-year-old daughter, her six-year-old grandson—whom she and her husband legally adopted as their own—and their two family dogs: Tyson and Mia.


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