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In the House Where Grandma Lives cover

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2. Paperback Edition
  • Standard Color
  • 40 pages
  • 8.5 x 8.5 inches
3. Hardcover Edition
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  • 40 pages
  • 8.5 x 8.5 inches
Target Audience:
  • Young Children (7-11 yrs old)

Grandma’s house, childhood visits, siblings, unique Grandma, grandparents, special visits, Christmas time

In the House Where Grandma Lives
by Susan Lothrop

In the house where Grandma lives . . . Grandma gives the best hugs; you always feel special; there are dancing flowers on the porch; Santa knows how to find you; everyone loves the pan-cakes. In this tender and special book, the comforts of love and joy are explored through the eyes of a child visiting Grandma’s house.

In the House Where Grandma Lives helps readers reflect on the importance of love and family in their own lives.

Susan Lothrop photo

Susan is the type of person that cannot be simply summed up in a couple of paragraphs. But if I were to try, I would start by saying that she’s a kind-hearted, beautiful, and whimsical soul. Someone who always puts others before herself. She’s a smile that you didn’t know you needed to see and a laugh that you yearn for more of. She’s the kind of person that you’re so glad to have met, even for a moment.

What is a part of her but does not define her is that she is also a recent widow of her late husband, Jim, who was my own father. She has remained selfless. Susan is an incredible and loving mother to her four children and will soon be a grandma to her fourth grandchild!

She has always wanted to leave a legacy in the form of a children's book. One that’s unique to each reader but also has personal touches of the beautiful memories of her own mom and children. I’m in awe of her dedication and strength every day and I am so proud that she has created this wonderful book, not only for herself, but for the world to read and enjoy with their families as well.

—A very proud and loving daughter


Susan Lothrop
Dane Thibeault

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