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Memoir, Loss of sight, Living with blindness, Loss of sight later in life, Medical stories, Self-help and advice, Personal growth

The Blind Girl Sees
Seeing Through the Heart and Not the Eyes
by Amber Needham

At fifty years of age, Amber Needham suddenly went from having perfect vision to becoming blind. Despite the life-changing tragedy of losing her sight and the frustrating challenges this created in her day-to-day life, she eventually came to accept, manage, and even celebrate her blindness. Her disability taught her a new way to see—with her heart instead of her eyes.

With warmth, humour, and wisdom, Amber shares anecdotes and lessons she learned from her experiences while encouraging readers to look deeper at their own setbacks and struggles to search out the inner meaning. For anyone facing hardships or dealing with disability or illness, The Blind Girl Sees offers hope, motivation, and the skills needed to transform pain into acceptance, purpose, and even joy.

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Amber Needham is an artist and entrepreneur. She lives in St. Thomas, Ontario, with her two adorable dogs, Keanu and Daphne. This is her first book.


Amber Needham

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