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World religion, Slavery, Conspiracy theories, Spirituality , Economic policy, World politics, Disappointment with humanity

You Have Control
by Steven Georgieff

You Have Control is a unique and highly personal memoir that delves into the author’s most intimate and painful experiences, and explores how they changed him with a view to freeing others from having to suffer a similar fate. After a successful career as pilot and years of searching for true love, he realized that the only way to find such a thing is to begin with yourself. But first . . . he had to endure a painful reckoning that included, notably, a near-death experience. The author equates much of his experience to the concept of the Matrix, and the awakening that accompanies an alignment with the more enlightened option. With this, his once distressed soul enjoyed a spiritual awakening that left him with certain clairvoyant gifts. Here is his account of the journey, shared with the intention of helping others to enjoy the light without having to tolerate the darkness.

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STEVEN GEORGIEFF invested many years cultivating a career as a pilot, some of which he captures in this memoir. It was a crisis of personal trauma and criminal accusations that drove him to try and understand his extraordinary experiences and write a book about a new way to live in the world and interact with it. He hopes others can recognize their state of enslavement and free themselves from it by way of his story.


Steven Georgieff

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