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Ghost stories, Supernatural creature, supernatural horror, mystery, myths, legends, haunted mansion

Black Pine Road
by Christena Rose

Where Black Pine Road ends and the forest begins, a house waits, cold and empty. Rumors of dark spirits keep the people of Mahihkan away from the sole property and the quiet path that leads there.

When aspiring writer, Lee Thorne, arrives in the small northern town, she knows nothing of its secrets. She sees the isolated house on Black Pine Road as the perfect winter getaway to write her first book. Hoping to leave the chaos of the city behind, Lee rents the long-abandoned home from its haughty landlord, Will Ashmore, though, even he refuses to step through the front door.

As autumn turns to winter, Lee braves the harsh conditions but struggles with the nightmares and paranoia creeping into her life. Electrical disturbances and shadowy figures haunt the halls of Lee’s new home, making her question what is real. Then she hears it—a voice hissing, “You’re mine!”

Has Lee gone mad, or has the seclusion she desperately sought turned into a waking nightmare? The demons of her past and present have come to light, and Lee must fight them both or watch everything she loves go down in flames.

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As a child, Christena Rose loved her grandmother’s ghost stories, even when she lost sleep over them for weeks. Now, she aspires to tell scary stories of her own and hopes to write the books she would love to read. Christena is a professional artist who enjoys traveling, reading and long days at the beach. Black Pine Road is her second full-length novel and follows her haunting debut, Twisted Veil. She lives along the shore of Lake Huron with her husband, daughter, dog, and cat.


Christena Rose

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