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guide to healing, anxiety, emotions, PTSD, higher brain, reptilian brain, self-help

An Owner's Manual for how to heal emotional wounds and live your truth
by Aimee Semas-Day

Marriage and Family Therapist Aimee Semas Day’s in-depth knowledge from years of clinical experience has led to the creation of her own model of therapy, proven to be highly effective. This book reflects that therapy model. Heal is the culmination of decades of research, as well as clinical findings, that have led to an understanding of how humans can truly heal from past traumas, restructure their brain for optimism to thrive, recover from limiting mental health symptoms, and change their lives for the better. In this book, you will not only learn what to do when you feel anxious, depressed, or triggered, but also how to process things on a deeper level, which can evoke greater healing, authenticity, and wholeness.

Heal is organized in a way that mimics the therapeutic process: going from developing coping skills to healing past traumas to challenging negative self-talk to applying the concepts and strategies to one’s personal relationships. In each chapter, Heal provides tools and exercises that will help you rewire your brain and manage your emotions by honing in on two different things:

#1 developing positive behaviors/habits/skill sets and

#2 healing what needs to heal.

The goal is to have you, the reader, walk away with a greater understanding for why you feel the way you feel and, most importantly, what you can do about it. Understanding how your brain works in tandem with your emotions and why you do what you do will arm you with the ability to navigate current life events more successfully while also healing from past traumas and ultimately growing into the person you are deep down. The real ‘destination’ in life is authenticity not perfection! This book will help you discover, access, and become the real you.

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Aimee Semas Day has a master’s in clinical psychology with a holistic emphasis. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist and has a thriving private practice in California. She has worked with individuals in a therapeutic setting for the past two decades and has successfully implemented her unique treatment modality in working with a variety of diagnosis and mental health symptoms. Aimee, herself, experienced numerous traumas growing up and suffered from depression for over fifteen years. Because of this experience, Aimee was drawn to psychology as a way to navigate and understand her own pain and found success in helping others. Through her journey of seeking understanding, she gleaned insight into the human condition that inevitably led her to touch and process her pain on a deeper, more complete level. Coupling her own therapeutic process with researching how the brain and psyche work, Aimee came to find the answers she was seeking, and by applying the concepts in this book to herself, Aimee has been depression free for over a decade. Because of the positive results that came from specific healing techniques she experienced in her own healing as well as the observed successes these techniques have had in her clinical work, Aimee was compelled to write and share this information with the world. The concept and strategies in Heal can truly evoke deeper healing and a greater ability for authenticity and wholeness. Aimee has also written Heroes and Butterflies: Breaking Relationship Patterns (CreateSpace, 2009). Along with her master’s in psychology, Aimee is a credentialed CMT, NLP life coach and yoga instructor. She lives in Morgan Hill, California, with her husband, daughter, stepson, and two Shih Tzu puppies.


Aimee Semas-Day

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