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  • Treated Like a Liability

    Veterans Running Battles with the Government of Canada by

    War has evolved, and so have Canada’s security needs. A key asset in any military is high-quality personnel. However, the Canadian Armed Forces ability to attract quality personnel hinges on the success of Veteran Affairs Canada’s ability to care ...

  • Warrior Rising

    A Soldier’s Journey to PTSD and Back by

    Warrior Rising is a very personal and inspirational story of LCol Chris Linford’s road to a diagnosis of PTSD after three operational deployments to the Gulf War, Rwanda, and Kandahar, Afghanistan. He recounts his associated war stories, but it was ...

  • Through the Storm

    How to Lead When Things Go Bad by

    Designed to equip leaders, supervisors, and managers in understanding and supporting those experiencing a personal crisis, Through the Storm offers invaluable and pragmatic leadership advice. Providing a practical guide to understanding trauma and ...

  • Ghost in the Ranks

    Forgotten Voices & Military Mental Health by

    Operational Stress Injuries and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are among the possible consequences facing members of the Canadian military. Unlike the potential physical consequences of dangerous deployments, psychological injuries are not ...

  • The What and How of PTSD

    Understanding and Moving Beyond by

    "What is happening to me? Nothing feels the same. Why me? I used to be in control of my emotions and my life. I want it back." Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can happen to anyone, including the strongest and the bravest. It makes you feel ...

  • PTSD Self Help

    Transforming Survival into a Life Worth Living by

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder doesn’t have to be a lifetime sentence . . . mere survival is optional. Have you: • Lost someone you know to suicide, war, or natural disaster? • Experienced something you just can’t ‘get over’? • Tried counseling, ...