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Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Elves, Cookies , Christmas Eve, Sleigh, Cooperation

Santa's Christmas Cookies
by Lacey Graham

Christmas Eve is here but Santa Claus has lost his cookies, and without them his sleigh won’t fly. Mrs. Claus knows what to do—with everyone’s help, she sets to work and teaches Santa how to bake. When Santa Claus is ready to go, he discovers the elves had taken the cookies for their party. Luckily, he’s learned a new skill and now has all the cookies he needs to deliver gifts around the world just in time for Christmas morning.

Santa’s Christmas Cookies is a wonderful Christmas book that gives young readers a new glimpse into Santa’s North Pole, humanizing Santa and also revealing how much Mrs. Claus contributes to Christmastime too.

Lacey Graham loves the joy of the Christmas season, and hopes young readers will share in the excitement of her favourite holiday when they read this book and wait for Santa to come. Santa’s Christmas Cookies is her first book. She lives in Brooklin, Ontario, with her family.


Lacey Graham
Sara Damiani

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