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Finding success, Good habits, Managing finances, Health and wellness, Productivity, Moral code, Time management

Life Really Isn’t All That Complicated
But You Do Have To Think
by James R. Schmalenberg

Are you struggling to accomplish your goals, even day-to-day ones? Does your head spin when someone starts talking about finances? Are you having difficulty managing your time? Your health?

Did you know that if you break down life’s challenges into their basic parts, life isn’t as complicated as it may seem? James Schmalenberg will show how. In his book Life Really Isn’t All That Complicated, But You Do Have To Think! Schmalenberg provides tips, tools, and proven tactics to get you on the path to success.

You will learn the importance of finding your “genius” and focusing your energy on developing that skill. You will also discover how health and wellness, good habits, productivity, your moral code, and making the most of your time influences your ability to achieve goals and become successful. Furthermore, Schmalenberg will help you get your financial world in order by delving into the topic of money managing. Throughout the book, he also provides homework challenges to help you implement his advice.

Life isn’t all that complicated, but it does require you to accept personal responsibility for how you live your life and to think about some basic concepts and how you can apply them. If you understand and implement all of these concepts to the best of your ability, your life will definitely improve.

After a forty-four-year career primarily in management and sales in the information technology world, James Schmalenberg is now retired. He was born and raised in Saskatchewan and lives with his wife of fifty-two years in Regina and at Crystal Lake.


James R. Schmalenberg

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