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The Last of the Atalanteans cover

  • eBook Edition
    • 978-1-03-913601-4
    • epub, pdf files
  • Paperback Edition
    • 978-1-03-913599-4
    • 6.0 x 9.0 inches
    • Black & White interior
    • 534 pages
  • Hardcover Edition
    • 978-1-03-913600-7
    • 6.0 x 9.0 inches
    • Black & White interior
    • 534 pages
  • Keywords
    • Atlantis,
    • Lord Othrun,
    • BIPOC- Black,
    • Indigenous,
    • People of Colour,
    • Lysi,
    • Mammoth,
    • Lost Kingdom,
    • Epic Fantasy

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The Last of the Atalanteans
by P.L. Stuart

A painted mage. An unfaithful queen. A stolen throne. Three lords in disguise. Escaping Atalantyx’s destruction, Prince Othrun has forged alliances with Eltnish kings: former enemy Hert and King Wely, who has promised Othrun a kingdom of his own. When Wely’s realm was stolen by Wely’s wife, a powerful mage, and Wely’s brother, a feared warlord, Othrun hatched a daring plan to restore the rightful king. The bold scheme involved Othrun entering Lynchun in disguise, risking his life and the life of those with him, to topple the usurpers. But for Othrun’s plot to succeed, he must entrust his Atalanteans into the uncertain hands of Hert—on the cusp of confronting his own political challenges to kingship, while tasked with protecting Othrun’s followers—even as Wely, a captive where he should be king, gambles both crown and the head upon which it sat on Othrun’s survival. Othrun’s abilities, faith, and trust in his mysterious guardian spirit are soon to be tested. The mage Lysi continues to entangle herself in Othrun’s affairs, tempting him, challenging his beliefs, and threatening to bring his plans to ruin. But Othrun, Lord of the Last of the Atalanteans, does not intend to fail. He will be a king. Or die trying. Othrun will go to battle, and he will triumph against the odds. If not, all will be burned to ashes, consumed in the fires of his ambition. And so, the ancient war banner of Atalantean kings will fly. One last time. A kingdom has fallen. A legend will rise.

“Frantic, visceral sword-fights amongst vast battle scenes where Stuart brilliantly focusses his lens to keep the reader not only engaged, but begging for more.” —Lucien Telford, Author of The Sequence "If reality came cloaked in high fantasy, epic worldbuilding, and compelling drama, it would be a lot like The Last of the Atalanteans.” —Bjørn Larssen, Author of Children

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P.L. Stuart lives in Chatham, Ontario, with his wife, Debbie. The Last of the Atalanteans is the second novel in The Drowned Kingdom saga, and the sequel to the FriesenPress number-one bestseller: A Drowned Kingdom.


P.L. Stuart

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