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Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

Courage, Bravery, Bullying, Friendship, Feeling lonely, School, Making new friends

Riley Does BIG Things!
by Janet Lewis Daigle

Riley can do BIG things, like climb a mountain and tame a lion . . . even if the mountain is really a pile of laundry and the lion is just a stray cat. But when Riley is faced with a giant bully at school, how will he know what to do? This is different than doing chores around the house or playing with friendly animals. This bully is making other kids sad!

Maybe there’s a reason this bully is acting so mean. Can Riley figure it out? No matter what, he knows his huge heart will help him to be brave and do BIG things!

Janet Lewis Daigle photo

Janet Lewis Daigle first started writing poetry as a little girl. After she began her career as a social worker, it seemed only natural to continue writing, this time carefully crafting stories for kids like the ones she saw at work each day. Janet recognized a need for more resources for young children, educators, and parents, especially in the area of emotional regulation. She hopes this book will be the first of many that can help children explore their feelings in healthy ways.

Janet is originally from Fleur De Lys, Newfoundland, but currently lives in Riverview, New Brunswick with her husband Dallas, two Labrador dogs, and four cats. Janet also has two stepdaughters, Miya, and Jamie, who reside in New Brunswick. Riley Does BIG Things! is her first book.


Janet Lewis Daigle
Rick W. Knowles

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