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  • Keywords
    • Time travel,
    • Early readers,
    • Friendship,
    • Adventure stories,
    • Japan,
    • India,
    • The future

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Wander Through Time
by Tina Greenshaw

This book is about friendship, challenges, the environment and history. Can friends be brave enough and overcome obstacles that come their way? Are they able to stand up to their fears and use their knowledge or will they let this fear take over? Will they learn the lessons or will they forget about what their guides have taught them? How will they get back home to hug their loved ones? This futuristic book was written to inspire young people to learn more about history, the environment and to encourage kids to appreciate what they have and to care about their loved ones.

Tina Greenshaw photo

Tina Greenshaw is an immigrant author who loves kids and has two of her own. Tina has always been curious about the possibility of time traveling and has always wanted to explore the possibility of what could happen if one travelled to the past or to the future. Tina hopes to spark kids’ imagination and let them wander through time along with the main characters of this book. Feedback or questions? Contact Tina via email at


Tina Greenshaw
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