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  • Wander Through Time


    This book is about friendship, challenges, the environment and history. Can friends be brave enough and overcome obstacles that come their way? Are they able to stand up to their fears and use their knowledge or will they let this fear take over? ...

  • A Step Out of Time


    Roger and his dad, Steve, had plans to go to see a Diamond Diggers baseball game on a Saturday afternoon in July. Worried that they would be late for the game, Roger moved all the clocks in the house back an hour. Problem was, he also moved the time ...

  • StonePenny lll

    The Watcher by

    'The Watcher' is the third book in the StonePenny trilogy. Spring is in the air, but so is trouble. Jen's eleventh birthday has arrived, she and her best friends, Tray and Mack celebrate with their most daring adventure in space-time. They are ...

  • StonePenny II

    Winter Moon by

    The winter holiday season has arrived! It is a busy time for Mack, Jen, and Tray yet they arrange a time to celebrate Mack's eleventh birthday with another space-time exploration. The StonePenny whisks the travelers off to an unexpected place ...

  • StonePenny

    The Keepers of the StonePenny by

    On his eleventh birthday, Tray Whitfield is enjoying a meadow walk with his grandmother when they discover an unusual egg-shaped stone and a shiny copper penny with the current year stamped on it. When he puts the stone and the penny together in his ...

  • Full Moon Lagoon


    Best friends, Maddy and Cat spend their summers looking for action on magical Cortes Island, but they get more than they bargained for when they go lagoon-diving at midnight with Cat’s twin brother, “Draggin”. The three twelve year-olds emerge from ...