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Adventure books, Magical adventure, Magic realm, Siblings working together, Fantasy chapter book, Kingdom, Strong female protagonist

The Magedeedo Adventures
Saving the Kingdom
by Cressida S-D

A normal day for twins Kristin and Kyle turns into an adventure to recover the Royal Sceptre and save the Kingdom of Magedeedo from falling into the hands of its enemy. Challenges ahead must be fought using science, magic and martial arts skills. But will this be enough?

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Cressida S-D holds a PhD in English and is a college professor who teaches numerous English courses including fantasy and fairy tales. She has studied literary works from all over the world and knows firsthand the fascination children have with fiction that captivates their imagination. She herself has always been intrigued by the idea of parallel universes or alternate realities and hopes to foster a thriving imagination in her readers. Cressida S-D lives in Mississauga, Ontario with her spouse and twin teenagers.


Cressida S-D
Naushad Mohammed
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