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Saskatchewan, Pioneer, Family, Coming of Age, Siblings, Rural, 20th Century

Secrets, Surprises, and Love
My Childhood Journey
by Julie Russell

Growing up on a hard-working farm in the fifties, Julie and her siblings know the power of sticking together. Through accidents, near-escapes, bullying, and occasional racism, they rely on each other, delighting in the landscape and fierce seasons of northeastern Saskatchewan. From adventures in the dugout with the “stone boat” to gruesome injuries in the timber yard, births, miscarriages, and first dates, Secrets, Surprises, and Love is a testament to the scope of childhood ingenuity and a family life guided by love and faith.

A personal memoir of the author’s life from birth until young adulthood, Secrets, Surprises, and Love is also a vivid and detailed historical document of a time very different from our own.

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Julie Russell lives in Alberta, Canada with her husband, Dave, and their four-legged baby, Benji, a Shu tzu/Bichon dog. Julie enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren who reside in the same vicinity. Julie’s interests are family, writing stories, painting with various mediums, and crocheting gift items.


Julie Russell

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