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Poetry Collection, Dealing with Loss, Surviving heartbreak, Lost love, Heart break, Supernova, Ris V. Rose

by Ris V. Rose

Supernova is Ris V. Rose's first poetry collection, and was written between the ages of 16 and 18 about how a special kind of love can spread like sunlight into all the craters in our lives, just to lead to the destructive kind of heartbreak that rips apart our entire world, like a black hole. Ris wrote these words so that she could help herself heal, and is publishing them now so that any others lying within the debris of a supernova of their own can know that they, too, will be reborn from the dust as a bright, beautiful nebula.

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Ris V. Rose is a 23-year-old poet, fiction writer, and editor in Ontario, Canada. She has an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Psychology from the University of Toronto and is pursuing a Master of Health Science in Speech-Language Pathology. Her journey with words began with reading children's books about magic and exploration and continues in her adult life with writing about the very same things: magic and the exploration of human emotion. She uses poetry to come to terms with how she feels and uses fiction to traverse the deepest corners of her inner world of imagination. She is a Writer in Residence for and has had several poems published with The Soap Box Press.


Ris V. Rose
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