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Adventures of Chris & Raymond
The Zombie Sleepover
by Meldy Wilton

Chris and Raymond are two 11 year old children that live next door to each other in the Pacific West Coast and are best friends. Their wonderful imaginations take them on a journey of self discovery as they go through a series of adventures furthering their friendship and close bonds with each other. Always ready for the next adventure, never knowing that an ordinary day may end up not so ordinary. After being drawn into the dancing zombie realm Chris and Raymond tire and want to return home. They are soon led by the littlest zombie to their dresser which is their portal home. What is real and what is imagination? The climax of the story makes the characters choose home or eternal fun.

Meldy lives on Vancouver Island on the West Coast of Canada and was born and raised on the West Coast. Much of her influence in writing came from west coast writers such as Anne Cameron, and Jack Hodgins whom from she took Creative writing; along with her influence from her mother Helene Jean (nee Olich) Wilton’s artistic talent, and the raising of her identical twin boys who were always up for adventures. Meldy is a published poet, short story writer and playwright. To her credit are 'At Wilton’s General Store" and the award winning play "The Wonderful Bobby April." Meldy has had articles published in magazines, A poetry and short story book "Inspirations of the Colliery Dam" and working on a series of children books: “The Adventures of Chris & Raymond” is one.

Richard also lives on the West Coast where he resides with his partner Meldy. He has worked in the Film industry for over a decade as an Art Director, Storyboard Artist and Illustrator. He has also written and published several comic books and has another in the works.


Meldy Wilton
Richard P. Broad

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