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  • The Ram's Tale


    “On a blue starry night, in the valleys of England, there lived a cruel giant and his one-eyed ram.” So begins the story of Jonny, a young shepherd boy who must take care of his sheep and protect them from the giant. The king has offered a reward of ...

  • Herobrine is Watching

    The New Adventures of Adam and Marky Episode I by

    When best friends Adam and Marky decide to explore a spooky abandoned building on their way home from school one day, they soon discover it’s more than just a crumbling old factory. Inside, a terrifying monster, Herobrine, is building an army of ...

  • Arabelle the Queen of Pirates

    Arabelle and Kraken by

    Arabelle, Bluebeard’s daughter, is the new pirate captain of her father’s ship. She takes command of the crew and sets sail to claim treasures from the sea. All Bluebeard asks is that she visit the black-magic woman of Caraibes and bring back her ...

  • One Hundred Thousand Some-Things


    Some-Things are all around us—hiding in our walls, beds, and underwear drawers, waiting to come out and throw a huge party! When Sebastian comes home to find his bedroom full of some One Hundred Thousand Some-Things, he demands they leave—but these ...

  • Smiley

    or How Little Boys Get Turned into Frogs by

    It’s not nice to be naughty! Sometimes you can’t take back the naughty things that you do. Smiley plays jokes on everyone in his family and in his neighborhood, and he is going to learn the hard way, that there are consequences for his ...

  • Dereekio's Big Adventure


    Our story is about a brave young boy named Dereekio, who selflessly and courageously battles evil creatures, and saves his town, family and friends. The story was actually written by a very brave and sweet six-year old boy named Derek, and his nurse ...

  • The Village of Misfits


    Anna's young life is turned upside down when the sudden appearance of her revenant grandfather unleashes a myriad of events. After earning back her trust, he reveals the existence of an exclusive society of Shapeshifters, to which she has ...

  • Shadows

    The beginning by

    In Pennsylvania, where things were ordinary and plain, Ariana Arte lived a good life. She was popular, beautiful, but didn't have a boyfriend. That all changed once she met Riku, a handsome and odd male, who hid under a hood at all times. What will ...

  • Asylum


    Three years after losing both her parents, Kairyna’s life has little meaning, other than the comfort of her own books that allow her to escape from reality. Having been living with her Aunt Helen, the time has come for them to move on; with jobs ...

  • Robbie Makes a Monster


    It is a lot easier to be brave with the lights on! Everything becomes very spooky and scary in the middle of the night when Robbie’s room is dark and he just can’t get to sleep.