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Substance use, Death and loss, Suicidal ideation, Mental health, Relationships, Generation Z coming of age, Zoomers and Doomers

a collection of poems
by N. Palozzo

This collection of poems covers a wide range of topics—death, mental health, relationships, loss, substance use, nihilism—all from the perspective of an emerging poet.

Rendered clearly, economically, and frankly, these poems show us, rather than tell us, about the author’s personal experiences in becoming an adult in the 21st century. The poet speaks to discontented young adults who might feel beaten up by life or are struggling with mental health issues. Here is an opportunity to explore their feelings and fears, and find solace and understanding.

Providing an insightful look into the minds of troubled and seeking youth, the poet invites families, therapists, and supportive community to look in and understand their loved ones.

This poet of eyes. prefers to remain anonymous, putting the focus squarely on the poetry itself, much of which is autobiographical. In the act of writing poetry, he has found a way to confront difficult emotions. Through these lines, he explores the ways to positively participate in life.

His first collection of poetry is at times brusque and at other times tender—even within the same poem. Throughout, there is an emotional richness and a deep understanding of human psychology.

The author lives on the periphery of Toronto with his family and his two cats.


N. Palozzo

What People are Saying

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