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Short stories, Family life, Family conflict, Mother-daughter relationships, Children with special needs, Disabled children, Dying with dignity

Stories About Mothers and Their Daughters and The Clock Family
by Beth Carol Solomon

Touching and original, Stories About Mothers and Their Daughters and the Clock Family is comprised of two parts. In the first, author Beth Carol Solomon, M.A., has written a collection of short stories about the relationships mothers have with their daughters, many of whom have special needs, and their day-to-day lives together. The second part of the book follows the story of the Clocks, a well-mannered, affectionate family, who love each other unconditionally, as they go about their day-to-day lives and, later, deal with the hardship of their matriarch’s struggles with dementia and the decisions made around the passing of her life.

This collection embraces both the joys and struggles of family life, mulling over the question of what it means to love someone unconditionally with care. Full of warmth and candor, this collection is well-suited to anyone with a penchant for sentimental fiction about family life.

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Beth Carol Solomon, M.A., is an author whose previously published works are Collected Works (2002) and Our Daughter: Our Love, Our Light, Our Joy, Our Pleasure, Heart of Our Hearts Forever (2021). Inspired by her study of family relationships, special needs individuals, child abuse, dementia, and more, both in fiction and nonfiction, Ms. Solomon sought to bring her own collection on these topics to life with this, her latest book.

She lives in Staten Island, New York.


Beth Carol Solomon

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