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Science Fantasy Novel, Science Fantasy Epic, Fantasy Galactic Empire, Magic Colonization, Empire Colonization, Magic Rebellion, Team of Misfits

Call of the Syron
Book One
by Alyssa Bukowski

A princess born into a war-torn galaxy.

Two ancient beings with the power of suns.

A mortal bounty hunter.

And a dark prince, whose shadow blankets the galaxy.

Aladella, princess of Prytha, never imagined she would step foot off of her home planet. Especially, after the brutal murder of her sister and father. With the Darions invasion growing closer with every passing day, Aladella has no other choice than to run.

Escaping the Darion with the help of a masked bounty hunter/pilot, she finds herself in the company of those she once thought would leave her for dead. With her new unlikely crew, Aladella discovers long-hidden secrets and a magic that was once thought to be gone forever. Now she must balance her heart and her head as the galaxy is thrown into chaos around her.

After having visions of her mother's death, Aladella must return home with her rag-tag team of misfits in an effort to stop Darious and his army of silent soldiers. But, as Aladella learns more about the magic of a Syron, she realizes she may be the last hope in the fight against the Darion.

"I am so invested, I can't put this book down."

"I love how the author is making it hard for me to pick which character is my favourite."

"Team Olen or team Darious, that's the question."

Alyssa Bukowski is the author of the interstellar action-adventure romance, Call of the Syron. Writing her first book in her second year of university during the 2020 pandemic, Call of the Syron is only the first book in her sci-fi fantasy series and is only the beginning of her writing career.


Alyssa Bukowski

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