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Being A Teen Is Easy...Said No One Ever! cover

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Mental health, Young people and mental health, Depression, Psychogenic nonepileptic seizures, Overcoming anxiety, Social anxiety, Pseudoseizures

Being A Teen Is Easy...Said No One Ever!
overcoming challenge
by Bella Hachey

It’s hard to take help when it’s offered to you—trusting someone just off their word isn't the easiest of things.

When Bella Hachey was a teenager, she struggled with bullying, anxiety, OCD, depression, panic attacks, and seizures. At the time, she would have given everything to know that there was someone who had been through what she was going through—and survived it. She needed to know that she wasn’t alone on the journey, and that even when it felt impossible, it wasn’t the end of the world.

Being A Teen Is Easy...Said No One Ever! is the answer to the unfulfilled need of her own teenage years. Part self-help book and part memoir, Hachey blends her true story with the concrete techniques she used to overcome her challenges and find a way through. By applying the lessons in these pages, you will learn that people out there are rooting for your success. Don’t give up, because there are people waiting at the finish line for you when you finally win the biggest war of all…LIFE!

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Bella Hachey has always been fond of writing. As a young woman, she would constantly write short stories as an outlet to get away from reality, even for just a couple of hours a day. Her teenage experiences with mental health, bullying, and seizures left her feeling incredibly alone, and unsure if anyone else had ever experienced the same. She chose to write this novel to tell a story and show other teenagers that they are not alone, and they are not crazy for what they’re going through.

Hachey lives in Langley, B.C., in a townhouse with her family, her two dogs Rocko and Vader, and a cat named Jewel.


Bella Hachey

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