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Dog, Help, Home, Lost, Bandana, Generosity, Family Community

A Tale from the Red Bandana
by Laurie Madison

This is a tale of a street dog named Maca who becomes separated from his family and has to go it alone. On his journey, Maca is given a red bandana and is inspired by his gift to help animals and people alike as he uses his bandana to solve each problem he comes across. Maca learns that with love and kindness, anything is possible.

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I wrote this book from my home in the Selkirk mountains in British Columbia, Canada. A Tale from the Red Bandana was inspired by the generosity and heroism I see all around the globe. I love to hear stories of animals and humans coming to each other’s aid in times of crisis, as well as other displays of compassion in action. I look forward to my next opportunity to write for you!


Laurie Madison

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